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Using a Private Investigator on an Immigration Case

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With the push from President Trump to deporting illegal immigrants I have been asked on different occasions if the administration could use private investigators to find and deport illegal immigrants from our country.

Can a Private Investigator find Illegal Immigrants?

The answer is as complex as the ways that people hide when they do not want to be found but there is always a way.


There are many challenges to finding someone that is illegal in this country such as:

  • No social security number to trace
  • No driver’s license in most situations
  • No documented employer
  • Bad addresses in the Homeland Security systems

How to find anyone

But there are certain things that we know about human nature:

  • We like to stay where we are familiar
  • We will most likely stay in contact with family
  • We will probably keep doing the same type of job that we had before
  • We will most likely not return to our home country voluntarily
  • It is very likely we will still visit the same places of worship as before

With this knowledge in hand, it is possible to find anyone, illegal or not

The trick is finding this information and that’s where a private investigator skill set comes up handy.

Doing the Grind

A good private investigator will find out the following:

  • Where the family lives, extended included
  • Where the person worships – if it applies
  • What types of jobs this person has held in the past
  • Where the person lived previously – search within 20 miles radius
  • Where he/she shops, children go to school, doctor he visits, even the pharmacy he or she visits

In other words, a great private investigator will find out EVERYTHING about the person they are searching for.

So the question is; yes a private investigator can find an illegal immigrant but it would take a lot of work and research.

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Cheating Spouses – Signs to Watch Out For

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If you think your spouse might be cheating on you, then you have got to watch out for some signs that will help you to confirm clearly. These signs easily give away a cheating spouse. Let us look at what these signs are.

Spend less time with their partner than before: If your spouse no longer enjoys your company and spend less time with you, it is likely that your spouse is seeing someone secretly.

They shower as soon as they arrive home: Taking a shower as soon a spouse arrives home might be an indication of infidelity. Some spouses might not like the messiness of sex and tend to shower quickly.

Your spouse smells a perfume that is not yours: If you notice your spouse smells a perfume that is not yours, it may also be a sign that your spouse is cheating on you. Such perfume might have originated from the person your spouse is seeing.

Texting much more than normal: Cheating spouses often text their partner more than normal. If you begin to notice such thing, you may want to find out more on how to file for a quick divorce in Florida.

Asking for privacy when taking phone calls: Also, cheating spouses are often in the habit of asking for privacy when taking phone calls, or they may move to an obscure place to answer the call.

Spending more time at work: If your spouse begins to spend more time at work than usual, he/ she might be having an affair.

Spending more time with friends: If you notice this, you are likely not the most important person in your spouse’s life again. It is a clear indication that your spouse is enjoying someone else company.

Caring about look more than before: A cheating spouse may want to appear more attractive to the new partner. Such cheating spouse thus spends much time dressing up. How to get a cheap divorce  in Florida.

There is a noticeable distant: You may also notice that your spouse is distancing himself/herself from you without any tangible reason. Infidelity could cause this sudden change in behavior.

The above signs are often noticed in a cheating spouse. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, you need to look out for any of the above signs. However, you should not rush to a conclusion when you begin to notice one or two signs. It is often wise to establish facts before taking any action.
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Using Technology to Catch Your Spouse

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Can Technology Help Catch Your Cheating Spouse?

Some might have doubts about the reliability of technology when it comes to catching a cheating spouse. Some might have even rejected the idea of using technology on infidelity matter simply because they think doing so would infringe on the right of their spouse. Are you also in the league of these thinkers? Whatever, your reason for doubting the usefulness of technology on infidelity matter could be, you would do well to know a bit about it.

So, the question again is: can technology help you catch your cheating spouse? Let us get some answers.

First, if you think your spouse is cheating on you, then you have two options. You either find the proof for yourself, or you ask your spouse outright. However, asking them outright might not give you enough evidence to back up your accusation. Of course, you might get confirmation from your spouse but without pieces of evidence that are vital for divorce proceedings.

The solution? Yes, technology. There is no other better way!

There is no doubt that modern technology can prove helpful to catch a cheating spouse. Ironically, this is the medium cheating spouses often use to cheat on their partners. Using technology to deal with infidelity is not as hard as you think. In fact, you do not need a degree in computer science before you can take advantage of this method.

You do not have to acquire any gadget either. It is so simple! Ok, this is what we mean.

Pay attention to how your spouse uses the cell phone. This could be a big indicator of what your spouse is up to. Sometimes, he/she may change the tone of voice while speaking on the phone when you suddenly appear in a room.

Perhaps, your spouse seems to be calling his/her friends more than usual and using monotone answers like, “Yes,” “No” or “OK” whenever you are watching instead of making general conversation.

Maybe, your spouse frequently changes the passwords of his/her email accounts and blocked you out? Of course, there could be a good reason for this, but it is not normal. You need to find the reasons behind such action by asking questions or contact Simple Divorce Services for legal help with the process of filing for divorce.

And one thing that might work in your favor is that most people find it uncomfortable to tell lies. Therefore, watch closely as your spouse speaks and see how the reaction to your questioning was. If your spouse cannot look you in the eye and look shifty, then something is wrong.

Looking at your spouse browser’s history is another way of taking advantage of technology to know if your spouse is cheating on you.

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